Saturday, February 18, 2012


Have you ever watched a fire and saw smoke rise? The heat CANNOT be seen but you can see the result of the fire in a melting of everything in that area! Black billowing smoke rises and spreads throughout the area faster than the eye can see. You begin to cough and struggle to breathe. The odor is pungent overpowering. Soon your vision is blurred and your eyes are tearing. Before you know it fire and smoke has spread so fast that you cannot keep up! After
it's all done, you have soot blanketing everything. It's thick in the lungs of the people who were close in proximity but that you cannot see because it's on the inside, but they can feel it. The smell of smoke hangs in the air for a long time no matter what you do.

This is much like prayer. Yes, prayers rise too fast for any of us to catch. At first we cannot see it, but there is a spreading, a billowing, and for some people it is hard to breathe. You see, prayer immediately affects a concentrated area, but it quickly fills up a place and reaches far and wide without eye witnesses except for those who it found residence deep on the inside. Prayer and fire are extremely close in nature. Even after the fire has been put out, you cannot deny it was there. It touches a many in a very short period of time and affects all in different ways.

Start your own fire. Wave the blaze around! Add an accelerant if you will! Turn the heat up and watch it spread all over. Know that when it is all, over people will not be able to deny the power that it had. Some will say that it was destructive, but some will see the newness that it has to bring. Some things must be torn down and destroyed in order to be affected and changed.

So when you ask that I pray for you, know that I am starting a fire! I pray for you who read this that the fire of God be upon you. I pray that it burns up everything not like Him and that it causes you to run and move in what He has already declared over your life! I pray that it affects all those around you. I pray that they can see that you suffer from prayer inhalation! I pray that they see the long term affects of the prayer. May God get the glory ...In Jesus' name..AMEN AMEN AMEN!

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