Tuesday, August 16, 2011


I noticed about a month ago while picking my son up from his dad, they had begun doing this handshake of sorts.... They grabbed one another's forearm like a strange grab, and said,"I am GREAT!" They did it in unity like they had practiced it for a while. Don't miss this, I wasn't thinking...awwwwwwww, I was thinking,"WOW!" I felt so wonderful seeing that my son was being identified by his father! A child's sex is determined by the man before they get here and God intended for the father to tell this child who they are. I remember thinking that my daddy could beat everyone in the world up. He was the strongest baddest man alive in my eyes! Do you know why?.......because he told me so! If he said to do something....there was no questioning behind it. Not to take anything away from mommy, but there is something about Daddy! That something is the same way we are to honor our heavenly father and do what He says do!

Please share this with the men in your lives. They need to hear that they are GREAT!!!!