Thursday, September 8, 2011

All Filled Up!

...........So you are at bible study, choir rehearsal, Sunday school, prayer, and service on Sunday morning. You are getting all filled up, right?

So then what? What are you doing with it? You are blessing your children, speaking in tongues, falling out in the spirit, fasting, declaring,and anointing yourself, but you walk by a teenager who is acting crazy in the streets. You never see your mate or spend time with the kids. You have emptied your cell phone of "friends" who don't hang out in church. You walk past the homeless. No one on your street knows where you worship!!
The question is, who are you to keep Him all to yourself? It takes two seconds to tell someone that God loves them! You have enough "word" in you to spread all over your state. Call up your daddy, who isn't going to church and talk to him. That is ministry. do not have to mention church to be like CHRIST! Giving love and showing compassion shows people that you care. When they know that you care they are more able to hear God through you.

So....GO HOME to your wife or husband because I heard a pastor say,"Jesus told you to love YOUR wife, and let Him love His(the church), because His wife is mean and ONLY He can love her the right way!"

Talk to your children so that you do not subconsciously drive them away from that building that they are ALWAYS dragged to.

I pray that you find your balance today in Jesus name!!!! AMEN