Sunday, November 1, 2009

Written in the sand

I had never heard the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery put this way, so today is a first for me.(paraphrased from a sermon by Bishop Eddie L. Long)

As Jesus was kneeling in the sand next to the woman caught RED HANDED in the act of adultery, while her accusers and the crowd watched, he began scribbling in the sand.
Just imagine "Bob", leaning over His shoulder, looking at what Jesus is writing, and the "Brother Steve", and they back away with a look of shock on their faces. "What is He writing?"Deacon Jack asks as he takes a peak and sees Jesus scribbling his secrets and transgression before his very eyes. One by one, when people stepped up to look, they turned away, dropping their stones.
When Jesus looked around after stating that whomever is without sin, cast the first stone, no one remained except the woman.
This is where I love Jesus the most! He doesn't ask where, why,or how? He looks at her and says,"Go and sin no more!"

(Here is where I wanna throw my wig off and shout)
He simply erases whatever he was writing in the sand with simple sweep of the hand or foot.
That is just how He does us everyday. Talking about mercy and grace.

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