Monday, November 9, 2009

Beyond what you see

Sometimes I find myself in a place where I hear all the bad things that were said to me over a lifetime. It is hard, let no one lie to you, to get past a lot of things that a lot of us have been through. Letting Go to some people mean lying about what made you who you are. I am not a product of my environment, but I was affected by it. When you take a look at people what do you see? Really? Take a hard look. You would be amazed at what some have survived and came past or through in a short while. That person that standing before you looking all sharp and clean and tall and confident is a mess on the inside. They are still a child who is hurt and lonely and unsure of themselves. They are looking for acceptance and love. Some have turned to desperate measures to insure that they get a piece of hope. They are hoping that you look at the outside long enough to be fooled into caring. They hope that you don't ask too many questions because then you would not want to be around them at all. You will discover that they are hiding still. Please take time to look beyond these superficial relationships that we partake in. Who is it that you like or love, really? Does it have any conditions? Are you gonna be there when the real them shows up?

Pray with me:
God, creator of all, please give me the courage to look into myself to see what I hide from others, while discovering the gift that is here in me,and give me the strength to be there for my friends and family who come to me for support at their times of need. Lord let me grow to be healed from all the things my past has influenced. Help me move froward so that I may be used for your work.
In Jesus Name Amen

****Wrap your arms around yourself now and squeeze. He loves you that much, if it were just you here, He would have STILL done it!****

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