Sunday, March 15, 2009

Declaring a Crop Failure

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Crop failure has been declared over our liver today and I would like to extend the invitation to everyone who knows me to participate in this with no hesitation! There are numerous things that we battle that have nothing to do with us, but have to do with the generations before us.
Unfortunately as times would have it, some of us don't know who both our parents are, so that makes this trip for you here on earth extremely difficult, but know that it came from somewhere! That struggle over addiction is not just something that you came up with alone! That came from grand mama and them! No, I am not telling you this so that you can place the blame elsewhere, but if you do not know where a thing came about, then you cannot effectively kill it before it kills you! I am amazed when I think of how many of us see the negative influences in our lives and follow them without noticing that these harmful behaviors will seep out into the next generations after us. It is only at times when you see your child doing those things that it triggers an,"Oh, no!" reaction! Then we tend not to disclose to this young person where they may have picked up this genetic, spiritual defect! You know the saying,"Do as I say, not as I do!"?
We must stop this at all cost. Tell them why they are predisposed to alcohol, cigarettes, pornography, or violence! Yes, be tactful, but be clear! Only you can stop these curses from following the next innocent person!

So declare this today out loud!:

Father, I declare and receive this moment you grace for forgiveness! I repent on behalf of my bloodline to address sins that I am carrying and operating in. Lord, we have sewn to the flesh, but I heard from the Prophet today that your grace is sufficient to set me free! I believe with everything that I am that You are doing a new thing in my bloodline and it starts with me! I receive the good news over my life and lives of my family members, now, in Jesus' name

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