Monday, May 16, 2011


When I woke up this morning, I realized that He didn't have to let me see another day. When I went in to get the kids up, I realized that I walked in there with two feet and legs that steadied my journey.
I was in my right mind. I could SEE them with my eyes and I opened my mouth and used my voice that works to call their names! Because they were able to hear me call, they awakened also. With working limbs, they arose from their beds and walked into the bathroom and flipped the switch and the lights came on!HALLELUJAH! To brush their teeth, they turned a knob on the sink and water appeared! I heard one call me as I thought about how God has changed my name! Like Abram and Sarai to Abraham and Sara, I went from Tiffany to mommy!Praise God! That is not a title or position that anyone can take or demote me from! I watched from my home as my son walked to the bus stop and watched him see it from afar and get on it all by himself.I watched the other use his own strength to open the door to the car. As I sat in the seat and turned the key and the car started (JESUS), I backed out and drove, my son to school where he learns everyday. We arrived safely.I came in the house, turned a knob on the stove and the gas came on and cooked food to eat (YES)! I sat down and used my fingers to type the miraculous workings of GOD on a computer that has internet capability! And I have only started!!!!!!!!

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