Thursday, March 17, 2011

If He doesn't do ANYTHING else................

He has done ENOUGH!!!!!

Thank you God for my daily conformations and inspirations!!!!! I cannot believe where you have taken me to. I could not have planned it, or thought it. I mean WOW!!!! MY GOD! I am in fantastic awe! I am struck dumb by your infinite plans for me. You said when I let it go, I would be light enough for you to carry. I have dropped my bundle and jumped in your arms! You said I am the head and NOT the tail! I believe You God because You are NO respecter of man and you are not the son of man that you shall repent! I have looked in me and to others and still there is NO ONE like You!

I can't tell you in a million tongues thank you for the NO! HALLELUJAH!!!!! It is all YOU FATHER ALL YOU!!! YOU ALONE! I just want you GOD! You are jealous for me and I am now paying great attention to you. I am Your agent. Your earthly mouthpiece! Let the meditations of my heart be acceptable in Your sight.

I give myself away.......SO USE ME!


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