Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Boys II Men

So.... it hit me, and I mean HARD!I was listening to my sons arguing about some foolish things and I heard right there,"They are children!" It was like lightening and thunder! People always focus on girls and how they throw away their childhoods because they are getting pregnant and moving too fast in life. What about these boys who are going to be men?
There are times when we, as single parents, (mothers), put a huge responsibility on the eldest boy. He has to be, shall I dare say, the man of the house.
I think that this phenomenon takes on a sick form that we as women have to generally see in grown men now. They act like children!
I think that a lot of guys had to bare such a HUGE responsibility growing up in a house generally with a mother only, that as soon as they can afford to goof off, they do!
They have already been some one's daddy and partner.
So ladies, I know it's hard to do it alone, but leave these boys to be boys! Do not make them grow up too fast because when responsibility comes a knocking they will embrace it as a new challenge and not and OLD BURDEN!

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